Escort Product Mainnet Launch: RAI Finance and Immunefi Co launch Bug Bounty Program

What is the Bug Bounty Program?

RAI Finance’s official products are about to launch on the Polygon mainnet. In order to maximize the security of the mainnet products, in addition to the ongoing security audit, RAI Finance has officially reached a cooperation with the leading DeFi bug bounty platform Immunefi to co launch the Rai Finance Bug Bounty Program.

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The first round of the Bug Bounty Program mainly tests the aggregation trading on Polygon, the function initiated by RAI Finance.

Escort Product Mainnet Launch

As a leading decentralized financial bounty program platform, Immunefi has paid more than US $7,500,000 in total to protect assets worth more than US $2,000,000,000 from hacker attacks. At the same time, Immunefi has reached cooperation with well-known blockchain projects such as The graph, Polkastarter and Polygon. Its community gathers the most extensive and top developers and bounty hunters in the industry. The new bounty program, which RAI Finance cooperates with Immunefi, is bound to further expand RAI Finance’s global community, especially the developer community with code ethics and professionalism.

RAI Finance hopes to become an epicenter supporting Web 3.0 by developing new products and enhancing availability. RAI features social trading and strives to create a new decentralized financial (DeFi) service. In the bug bounty program, it will bring innovative product concepts and opportunities to try new technology possibilities to the developer community, which will enhance the influence of the brand and radiate and interact with the global community of Web 3.0, which will also be RAI Finance’s high hopes for the bug bounty program.

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By plugging into the Polkadot ecosystem, RAI aims to provide the best liquidity across different blockchains